Black Edition Colored Pencils, Metallic - Box of 12 - #116415

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Black Edition Metallic Colored Pencils are ideal for colored pencil drawings on light, colored and dark paper, adding a stunning metallic sheen that enhances the visual impact of your artwork.

· 12 Blendable Metallic Colors
· Safety Tested & Suitable for All Ages
· Eco Friendly - FSC Certified
· Break-Resistant
· Ergonomic Triangular Shape
· For Light, Colored & Dark Paper

Create Special Effects & Add Sparkle to Your Art with Depth & Dimension!
Made with sleek black wood, the metallic colored pencils have a wonderfully smooth color laydown, thanks to their super soft lead.

Black Edition color pencils work exceptionally well with colored paper, producing vivid results on black backgrounds especially. The rich, opaque pigments of these pencils contrast beautifully, creating striking artwork with enhanced depth and dimension.

Use metallic pencils to create special effects such as shiny objects and reflective surfaces, adding realism and interest to your artwork. When combined with traditional colored pencils, metallic colors add visual interest by providing a shiny, glittery finish that contrasts with matte colors nicely.

Kids will also have a blast creating sparkly art with colors that pop, encouraging creativity and imagination.

Environmentally friendly, the eco pencils are made of wood from certified sustainable forestry.

The ergonomic triangular shape of the pencils automatically ensures the correct grip position for optimum comfort while drawing and prevents hand fatigue when creating art. Pencils will not roll off of or away from the work surface as well.

The pre-sharpened pencils have a color dipped end to match the lead, for easy identification while working between colors. They feature break-resistant leads produced through secure-all bonding; gluing the lead the entire length of the pencil. This process results in easy sharpening, excellent point retention and ultimately longer-lasting art supplies!

Ideal Art Gifts:
High-quality art supplies suitable for artists of all ages, from adults to teens and kids alike. The 12-count metallic colored pencil set comes in a cardboard box and makes for a cool gift that's just the right size. Perfect for colored pencil enthusiasts, kids who love metallic colors and anyone in between who enjoys working with a modern pencil.

Black Edition Colored Pencils are available in a variety of assorted sets, including neon and pastel colors, skin tones and gift tins.

Suitable for light papers, explore the Black Edition Super Soft Brush Pens as well! With both colored pencils and washable markers in the collection, they bring vibrancy to everyday school, home and office settings, fostering a colorful and inspiring atmosphere for boundless creativity!

Ages: 13+

Contents Include: 12 Metallic Colored Pencils #807 Gold, #808 Metallic Yellow, #809 Bronze, #810 Metallic Red, #811 Metallic Aqua Green, #812 Metallic Green, #813 Metallic Light Blue, #814 Metallic Blue, #815 Metallic Pink, #816 Metallic Purple, #817 Silver and #818 Metallic Dark Grey in a cardboard box

Warning: NONE