Designed for artists, architects, students, and professionals, the Quick-Set Compass is crafted with Faber-Castell's commitment to quality, functionality, and sophisticated design. Suitable for a wide range of applications such as intricate illustrations including mandala art, architectural drafting and technical drawings or mathematical diagrams and creating geometry shapes – this compass is your key to achieving perfection in every detail.

Made in Germany with rugged technology, the standard features of all Faber-Castell compasses include robust gear wheels, firm central wheel spindles, easily adjustable legs as well as non-slip needles and lead clamps for exact lines. The compass offers unparalleled precision in drawing arcs and circles up to Ø 340mm.

Efficiency doesn't have to compromise style. The Quick-Set Compass from the Factory Series, combines cutting-edge functionality with a trendy 3D design, making it a statement piece on your drafting table or in your toolkit. The drawing compass with a user-friendly design comes in a pearl blue color, highlighted by a color-coordinated central wheel spindle.

This compass tool combines convenience and practicality, with the color-coordinated case serving as storage for spare parts and leads. Spare compass needle, spare clamp and graphite leads with an angled point, in degree of hardness H are included.

The Quick-Set Compass from the Factory Series is Ideal for school and college use. Perfectly useful for all levels, whether for geometry or art class, drafting, architectural design, construction or engineering.

Contents Include: 1 Compass, 2 Compass needles, 3 Leads Degree of lead hardness H -25mm long and 3 clamps in a Storage case