Learn the basics of watercolor pencils with quality art supplies that are non-toxic, kid-friendly and recommended by art educators – with the Do Art Watercolor Pencil Art kit.

If you like to draw and paint, watercolor pencils are made for you. The paint is in the pencil! Watercolor pencils are a unique medium that can be used for both wet and dry techniques.

Watch your artwork come to life with 10 Faber-Castell Watercolor EcoPencils that have been color selected to produce many different hues, by mixing and layering.

Great for beginners, learn step-by-step watercolor pencil art techniques such as color-mixing, creating texture, blending, cross-hatching and more.

Whether it's a birthday, a special occasion, or simply an opportunity to nurture creativity, the Do Art Watercolor Pencil Art Set is a gift that encourages artistic growth, self-expression, and hours of joyful exploration.

Ages: 9+

Contents Include: 10 Watercolor EcoPencils with a clear zipper pouch, 24-page Watercolor Paper Pad, 1 Pencil Sharpener, 1 Paintbrush and 1 20-page Instruction Booklet