Goldfaber Color Pencils are top quality for your drawings! The ideal medium for students and aspiring artists with components of the highest quality, optimum opacity, rich colors and excellent lightfastness.

With innovative production technology, the round pencils are made with long-fiber wood for easy sharpening, contain 3.3mm leads that are made of finely ground pigments and are coated with an environmentally friendly coating. The pencils have a soft, vibrant color laydown. They are water-resistant, smudge-proof and break-resistant.

Explore your drawing and coloring potential and bring your imagination to life! Quick sketches, lively hatching or evenly shaded color gradients – all drawing techniques that can be achieved effortlessly with the colored pencils, perfect for your sketchbook or coloring book. Use with hot press, cold press or experiment with colored paper. The brilliance of the Goldfaber Color Pencils comes into its own on dark paper. If you are looking for variation and love mixed media art, experiment with exciting combinations of other materials and tools from the Creative Studio range such as Oil and Soft Pastels or Pitt Artist Pens. The interplay delivers great results!

24 Goldfaber Color Pencils come packaged in a metal tin, perfect for storage and for art on-the-go!

Available individually or in assorted sets.

Ages: 13+

Contents Include: 24 Pencils: #101 White, #105 Light Cadmium Yellow, #107 Cadmium Yellow, #109 Dark Chrome Yellow, #115 Dark Cadmium Orange, #121 Pale Geranium Lake, #126 Permanent Carmine, #131 Coral, #125 Middle Purple Pink, #136 Purple Violet, #143 Cobalt Blue, #120 Ultramarine, #147 Light Blue, #156 Cobalt Green, #161 Phthalo Green, #163 Emerald Green, #166 Grass Green, #167 Permanent Green Olive, #187 Burnt Ochre, #192 Indian Red, #176 van Dyck Brown, #273 Warm Grey IV, #233 Cold Grey IV and #199 Black in a metal tin