The Grip 2011 collection offers a classic design with a comfortable grip for an exceptionally soft and light writing experience.

The pen features sophisticated ergonomics with characteristic grip dots in matching color on the barrel. The cap has a sturdy, spring-loaded metal clip

The interchangeable calligraphy nibs in 1.1, 1.4 and 1.8mm for expressive ink writing are ideal for hand lettering. Equipped with a cartridge/converter system. Comes with three boxes of ink, each with six standard ink cartridges: 1 black and 2 blue. Additional ink colors also available. Converter sold separately. Two additional protective caps included so that the nib modules will not dry out while being stored.

Contents Include: 1 Fountain Pen with 3 Interchangeable Calligraphy Nibs and 3 Boxes of Ink Cartridges in a gift tin