Learn a bouncy style of brush lettering one step at a time. Everything you need to learn a new calligraphy style is included.

Bounce lettering is a script style of hand lettering that breaks the rules of traditional calligraphy. By adding variation to the size, position and spacing of the letters, it gives them the appearance of bouncing. This lettering style is whimsical, fun and packed full of personality!

Illustrated by Lhey Bella Ralston, the artist and creative director of Mommy Lhey Designs – the 40-page activity book will guide you through the basics and fundamentals of brush lettering. One stroke at a time, you will learn basic composition and how to accentuate your lettering by embellishing and flourishing. Basic stroke, alphabet and bounce lettering worksheets make learning fun and easy!

Featuring a Goldfaber Graphite Sketch Pencil in degree of lead hardness HB, the break-resistant lead is made of finely ground graphite and clay for a smooth, consistent laydown. It lightens and erases easily with the soft eraser included, perfect for preliminary sketches. The eco pencil is made of wood from certified sustainable forestry.

Goldfaber Aqua Dual Markers in three vibrant colors are also included. The water-based dye markers are fully water soluble, odorless, acid-free and pH neutral. In addition, the streak-free inks will not bleed through the pages of the activity book. The dual tip markers have a soft, flexible brush nib with a variable line width of 1-5mm on one side and a metal-encased 0.6mm fine tip for detail work on the other. The barrels and caps of the markers are made of 100% recycled materials.

Use two pages of sticker sheets as inspiration for your next bounce lettering projects. As you continue to practice, you will find that your bounce lettering art will add a playful touch to any project or design.

Beginners and aspiring artists will appreciate the quality materials and the guided practice sheets in this art set. Video tutorials are also included online!

Ages: 13+

Contents Include: 40-Page 5”x7” spiral bound activity book with 30 Pages of guided instructions, 10 Pages of tracing paper and 2 Sticker sheets, 3 Goldfaber Aqua Dual Markers #128 Light Purple, #112 Leaf Green and #115 Dark Cadmium Orange, 1 HB Goldfaber Graphite Sketch Pencil and 1 Soft eraser