Black Edition Super Soft Brush Pens, Pastel - Box of 6 - #116453

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Add pops of brilliant color to your creations, as you elevate your art and redefine the boundaries of your creativity – with the Black Edition Super Soft Brush Pens!

These art markers are an excellent tool for various art forms. The super soft, felt-tip brush nib is both supple and precise, retaining its shape even after extensive use. Whether you’re sketching or coloring, the Black Edition Super Soft Brush Pens adapt seamlessly to your hand movements – giving you absolute control over the thickness and intensity of your lines.

Cool and trendy; sleek and modern – the Black Edition Super Soft Brush Pens feature a matte black barrel in pastel colors, with a corresponding-colored end and a removable cap with a clip. Ventilated snap on caps, prevent choking and post on the back end of the barrel when in use.

With consistent ink flow, you’ll effortlessly transition from sweeping, broad strokes for large areas to delicate details for intricate work. It’s like having a paintbrush at your fingertips, but with the convenience of a pen!

Water-based inks are based on food dyes, they work on light paper and wash out of most fabrics.

The product comes packaged in a recyclable cardboard box and can be stored horizontally or vertically.

Ages: 13+

Contents Include: 6 Brush pens in pastel colors in a recyclable cardboard box