Oil Pastels have excellent color opacity and provide smooth color laydown for rich oil pastel effects. Vivid colors with intense luminosity for encaustic, pastel and scraping techniques. In addition to their good lightfastness, they are very soft and easy to blend with your finger or white spirit. There are endless possibilities of blending individual colors to create new hues. Aspiring artists also have the option of thinning with baby oil. Acid-free.

Ages: 12 and above

Contents Include: 12 Oil Pastels: #101 White, #107 Cadmium Yellow, #115 Dark Cadmium Orange, #127 Pink Carmine, #151 Helioblue Reddish, #110 Phthalo Blue, #161 Phthalo Green, #171 Light Green, #186 Terracotta, #176 van Dyck Brown, #233 Cold Grey IV and #99 Black in a box.