Perfection 7058 Eraser Pencil with Brush - #185800

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Pencil Eraser for Precise Ink Erasing - Perfection Eraser 7058.

· Precise Erasing
· For Ink & Ballpoint
· Wood from Certified Sustainable Forestry
· Cleaning Brush
· Sharpenable
· PVC & Latex-free

The pencil features a white hard eraser for erasing liquid, water-based, and ballpoint ink. Ideal for precise erasing on detailed ink projects, such as art created with Pitt Artist Pens. The eraser's fine tip allows for exact corrections and adjustments, ensuring your work remains clean and professional. Whether you're refining intricate line work or making subtle changes to your designs, this eraser provides the control and accuracy needed for high-quality art.

Environmentally friendly, the eco pencil is produced with wood from certified sustainable forestry.

The pencil is equipped with a brush at the end for cleaning up any residue, without smudging or damaging your artwork.

Contents Include: 1 Pencil eraser