Kids can embark on a pirate adventure by constructing their very own pirate ship toy with Buildeez!™ Unlike the typical pirate ship model kit, our approach to kids building kits and traditional model building, guarantees more excitement and creativity for beginners in every box! With play figures, dimensional stickers and surprise extras, we aim to stimulate your child's imagination and provide endless hours of enjoyment!

· Pirate Ship Model Kit for Beginners
· 7-Piece Model Build
· Non Toxic & Safety Tested
· Easy Assembly with Pre-Cut Wood
· Spinning Captains Wheel
· Peg Leg Pirate, First Mate & Treasure Chest

Build, Paint, Sticker & Play!
With this 7-piece miniature build, kids will construct, paint, sticker and play with The Sea Skull Pirate Ship! Featuring non-toxic paint, dimensional pirate ship stickers, a wooden treasure chest, pirate and more. Completely open-ended, each pirate ship is unique. Kids can use the box for inspiration or create their own fun designs.

Designed to encourage young minds, this step-by-step model kit encourages curiosity, skill development and problem-solving. From construction to finish, kids partake in play-based learning, boosting their creative confidence and self-esteem.

Save the box! The back of the package features a perforated, punch out play and display mat. Once crafted, it's time to set sail and maneuver the treacherous sea waters with the spinning captains wheel! When pretend play is over for the day, kids can display their pirate ship in their room by docking it on their play mat and prepare for their next sea adventure!

These fun craft and play model building kits introduce STEAM learning. Experts recognize that STEAM activities: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math can help kids learn while balancing education with play.

Model kits enhance problem-solving skills and promote creativity. Following instructions and figuring out how different components fit together fosters critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Completing a model kit requires patience and perseverance, teaching kids the value of persistence and the satisfaction of achieving a goal.

As kids build, create and play with their pirate ship toy, they'll use their imagination and pretend with pirate talk to add to the fun! Arrrrgh, Ahoy Matey! Aye Cap'n and so many more fun pirate play sayings!

Cool Gifts for Boys & Girls:
Overall, a pirate building model kit is a gift that combines entertainment, education and skill development, making it an excellent gift for kids. Great for any occasion for both boys and girls.

Collect all 4 Buildeez! model kits: Blaze the Race Car, Chomper the Monster Shark, Ace the Jet Plane and The Sea Skull Pirate Ship.

Ages: 5+

Contents Include: 7 Wooden pirate ship model pieces including lookout crow's nest, 1 Wooden treasure chest, 1 Wooden pirate, Assorted stickers, 1 Skull and cross bones sail and string, 1 Paintbrush, 1 Sponge, 1 Craft glue tube, 1 Acrylic paint tube Brown 0.16 fl. oz, Display mat on packaging and Instructions


Warning: Choking Hazard - Small parts not for children under 3