Pitt Artist Pen, Fude Hard - #199 Black - #167895

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The Pitt Artist Pens feature pigmented India Inks that are lightfast, acid-free and pH Neutral. The ink is odorless, waterproof and permanent once dry on porous surfaces. They work beautifully on all types of papers and canvas. The ink will also not bleed through paper making them ideal for sketch books. The fude hard is one of the latest nibs added to the Pitt Artist Pen collection. Although similar to a brush nib, the fude nib is a little shorter and creates a more stable design.The fude hard nib is less flexible than the fude medium producing very precise hard edges and outlines. Use for bullet journaling, sketching, illustrating, hand lettering and more! Store horizontally.

Contents Include: 1 Pen #199 Black Nib: Fude Hard