Pitt Graphite Matte, Sketching Set (10B, 12B, 14B) - #115297

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An exciting new innovation in artist materials! Faber-Castell presents the extremely matte graphite pencil of supreme artists' quality - The Pitt Graphite Matte Pencil.

· Reduced Reflection on Paper
· Highest Tonal Value Density
· Maximum Depth Effect
· Wood from Certified Sustainable Forestry
· Pre-Sharpened & Break Resistant
· Smooth Graphite Application
· PVC-Free Eraser & Metal Sharpener

Unlike other graphite pencils that create a luster when applied heavily, these pencils offer an ultra-matte graphite laydown for reduced reflection on paper. They have the highest tonal value density for maximum depth effects. With a smooth graphite laydown, they are ideal for writing, drawing and sketching. They are especially suitable for monochrome graphite work.

Photo or scan reproductions have no material-related reflection, the graphite is replicated in its original blackness.

The eco pencils are made of wood from certified sustainable forestry and are coated with environmentally-friendly water-based varnish.

Pre-sharpened, the pencils feature strong, break-resistant leads made of finely ground graphite and clay for a smooth, consistent laydown. SV-Bonding ensures their strength and longevity. The SV bonding process; gluing the entire length of the pencil, resists breakage when dropped or while sharpening and ultimately results in longer-lasting art supplies.

The white eraser is PVC-free and the single hole metal sharpener contains a high-grade sharpening blade.

Contents Include: 3 Pencils 10B, 12B, 14B, 1 PVC-free Vinyl Eraser and 1 Metal Sharpener in blister card packaging