Pitt® Monochrome Assortment - Wood Case of 77 - #FC112971

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Monochrome colors of black, white, sanguine and sepia are found in every life drawing class at almost every art school. These colors bring pictures to life with vitality and expression!

Pitt Monochrome Assortment set comes with Pitt Monochrome Artists’ Pencils, Pastels, Charcoals and Accessories in a wenge wood case.

Monchrome set features oil pencils and graphite pencils that will add detail and shading to your monochrome artwork. Pitt Oil Base Pencils are smudge-proof and water-resistant, they are ideal for contours, outlines, and fine details. The Pitt Graphite Pure pencils are for high contrast work and have a protective sleeve to keep hands clean.

Premium Pitt Pastels have excellent light resistance, can be easily smudged, are grease and oil free. High quality pastels are used for adding shadows to artwork. They are ideal for shading larger areas and for graphic art.

Natural charcoals glide softly across the paper, rub and smudge easily, layered and can be erased without difficulty. Includes greyish-blue shade from natural charcoal and blacker shade from compressed charcoal

Give the gift of creativity with this 85 piece gift set! The pencils and accessories come in a sturdy wenge wooden gift box perfect for traveling, on-the-go and gifting

Since 1761, Faber-Castell has been making premium quality art supplies for all skill levels of artists. Proudly made in Germany, Faber-Castell art supplies provide value to any artist.

Contents Include: A complete assortment of Pitt® Monochrome Artists' Pencils, Pastels, Charcoals and Accessories in a wooden case

Warning: Prop 65