Little Creatives is a preschool range of art supplies specially developed with early childhood teachers and experts, for young children to explore the world of creativity from their toddler years.

Designed to inspire young minds, Little Creatives Super Soft Modelling Dough is a gateway to imagination and artistic exploration. Creativity comes to life in bright, vibrant colors that encourage blending and color discovery.

Playful molds built into the caps and bottoms of the storage containers, sculpting tools and super soft dough consistency, promotes touch-based learning to help children develop creative thinking skills.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the non-toxic, odorless modelling dough is made from natural ingredients. The smooth, non-sticky texture keeps hands clean – allowing for a pleasant, mess-free creative experience.

Little Creatives Super Soft Modelling Dough is the perfect tool to nurture creativity, fine motor skills and encourage pre-writing dexterity and visual perception in preschool age kids.

Make ArtPlay every day with Little Creatives!

Ages: 3+

Contents Include: 6 Containers of Super Soft Modelling Dough 50g each Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and White with built-in kitty, bunny, horse, lion, dolphin and puppy molds in the caps and 2 Sculpting tools in a recyclable box