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Little Creatives is a preschool range of art supplies developed with early childhood teachers and experts, for young children to explore the world of creativity from their toddler years.

Tailored for toddlers, Little Creatives Washable Finger Paints are perfect for preschool art projects and activities. With 6 vibrant, washable colors, these paints provide non-toxic fun that's safe for little hands, ensuring peace of mind and easy cleanup.

Finger painting is a wonderful way for toddlers to freely express themselves and develop an early appreciation for colors. As they dip their fingers into a vibrant palette, they mix, blend and create their own colorful masterpieces on paper, enhancing color recognition and fostering joy in self-expression. This hands-on experience also contributes to the development of fine motor skills, such as gripping, squeezing and smearing, laying a foundation for later skills like writing and coordination.

Shake well before use and recap after play.

Make ArtPlay every day with Little Creatives!

Ages: 3+

Contents Include: 6 Jars of toddler fingerpaint 30g ea. Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black and White