Goldfaber Aqua Dual Markers, Lettering Set Seaside - Wallet of 6 - #164519

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Goldfaber Aqua Dual Markers Lettering Set - Watercolor Markers in 6 Seaside Themed Colors.

Goldfaber Aqua Dual Markers are an ideal companion for a variety of creative pursuits. The multi-functional marker with two different tips - brush and fineliner, offer thousands of possibilities. From initial sketches and detailed illustrations to stylish hand lettering, calligraphy, delicate watercolor effects and more, you can realize a multitude of DIY trends.

· Water-Based Dye Markers
· 6 Fully Water-Soluble Colors
· 2 Nibs - Flexible Brush & Firm 0.6mm
· Non-Toxic
· Odorless, Acid-Free & pH Neutral
· Environmentally Friendly
· No Bleed & Streak-Free
· Versatile - Use Wet or Dry

Easy-to-Use & Fun to Try New Techniques for Variety!
The water-based ink is always ready to use and mixes easily with water, enabling smooth transitions and blended effects in your artwork. The ink is odorless, acid-free, pH neutral, streak-free, and won't bleed through most paper. Use a water brush to effortlessly lighten colors for added versatility.

Goldfaber Aqua Dual Marker colors are transparent allowing for easy darkening by blending or overlaying. Create smooth color gradients or mix colors to produce new hues effortlessly.

Depending on the angle and pressure applied, the soft brush tip offers flexibility, ranging from 1mm fine lines to 5mm broad strokes. While mastering the elegant transitions from fine to broad strokes requires minimal practice, the effort results in a unique and personalized painting and drawing style. The sturdy, metal-encased 0.6mm fineliner tip is perfect for preliminary drawings, coloring smaller areas, hatching, or drawing precise contours.

Explore limitless creative possibilities with Goldfaber Aqua Dual Markers! Experiment with new techniques to achieve a variety of exciting results! Explore cool effects with wet-on-dry and wet-on-wet watercolor painting. Try glazing, washing, and granulation for stunning backgrounds and unique artwork. Enjoy the versatility of lettering with the flexible brush nib, perfect for executing all common lettering styles. The lettering set allows you to combine beautiful text with watercolor motifs and backgrounds. Pair watercolor markers with your favorite stamps to create gift tags, cards, decorative papers, and more.

Faber-Castell has high-quality standards for our products and we are increasingly opting for recycling. The barrel and cap of the markers are therefore made of 100% recycled material and may show color variations due to production. This does not affect the ink color. A consistent ink flow in both ends and a high yield are important quality features of the watercolor markers.

Enhance Your Artistic Toolbox with the Goldfaber Aqua Dual Markers!

Ages: 13+

Contents Include: 6 Markers #164 Water Blue, #247 Indanthrene Blue, #245 Manganese Blue, #151 Helioblue-Reddish, #277 Titanium Violet Light and #121 Pale Geranium Lake in a recycled cardboard box