5D Diamond Painting vs. 3D Diamond Painting

What is the Difference Between 5D and 3D Diamond Painting?

What is the difference between 5D diamond painting and 3D diamond painting?

Diamond painting is a fun trend that attracts people looking for a fun activity with its sparkling diamond gems and various unique designs. Though the concept is simple, each diamond painting kit has unique qualities. With different application methods, accessories, and terminology, understanding everything diamond painting has to offer can get confusing. frequently questioned quality is the difference between 5D diamond painting and 3D diamond painting.  

Understanding the difference between 5D and 3D diamond painting is simpler than it seems. The dimensions of a diamond painting kit are determined by the number of facets on the diamonds. Facets are the small sides that make the shape of the diamond and give it dimension. Diamond painting diamonds are often provided in both round shape and square. It is also important to note that diamond painting diamonds can be referred to in many ways: diamonds, gems, diamond dots or drills.  

5D Diamond and 3D Diamond

better understanding of diamond facets helps you to have a better understanding of diamond dimensions and how it affects their appearances5D Diamonds have five facets on each side with 15 facets total. 5D diamonds are often used for paintings that require more detail as the five dimensions give more depth and sparkle to the image you are creating. 3D diamonds have three facets on each side with nine facets in total. Three dimensions give a beautiful but simpler look. 3D diamonds are perfect for less detailed designs or diamond painting for kids.

Big Gem Diamond Painting Sweets

Big Gem Diamond Painting includes larger 3D gems that are made specifically for children to use easilyNow that you understand the difference between 5D and 3D diamond painting you can decide the best type of diamond painting kit for you or your children. For further insight on diamond painting, check out our article What is Diamond Painting?



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