What is Diamond Painting?

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting explained!

Diamond painting is a creative trend that crafters and artists of all ages enjoy. Similar to paint-by-number or mosaic art, it attracts fans of such methodical activities and crafts with its creative concepts. Diamond painting enhances those concepts with sparkling diamonds that attract creatives interested in adding dimension and extra fun to traditional painting activities.

For approximately the last five years, diamond painting has risen in popularity. Diamond painting methods can vary depending on the provider and kit though most concepts are similar; apply diamonds or gems to the instructed labeled dot or marker. Depending on the kit you are using, you will find different tips and tricks as well as different terminology to describe your materials. For example, the diamonds are often referred to as a drill, pixel, rhinestone, or tile. Regardless of what you call your materials, when complete, the diamonds together will create a three-dimensional image or pattern, oftentimes on a canvas. Read our “How do I Choose the Best Diamond Painting Kit for Kids?” article to compare the qualities and contents of children’s diamond painting kits.

Diamond Painting Supplies: Stickers, Sun Catchers, Gems, Wax, and Stylus

Creativity for Kids saw the popularity of diamond painting but the lack of diamond painting resources for children, so we developed our Big Gem Diamond Painting Collection! Many kits available are too challenging for children. The kits often come with intricate directions, tiny diamonds, and lack tools that make for easier placement. Big Gem Diamond Painting was developed with an easy application process in mind with larger gems for easy gem placement, a mess-free application with wax and a stylus, and clear instructions. Just peel to reveal the adhesive, pick up the gems with the wax and stylus, and place the gems in the correct colored dot marking. No confusing keys!

Diamond Painting Instructions. Peel to reveal adhesive, pick up gems with stylus, place gems on adhesive

Each Big Gem Diamond Painting kit includes 12 holographic stickers with printed dots for guided gem placement and two sun catchers with an open-ended design for children to use their imagination.

Beyond being a fun way for children to create and express themselves, diamond painting has positive effects on mental health and development. Diamond painting is a repetitive and methodical activity; instructing children to repeatedly apply diamonds or gems until the image is created. Methodical and repetitive activities can calm children as the concentration balances the mind. Taking time out of a busy or stressful day to take on the creative activity can also relieve stress. Diamond painting is also great for children to practice hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development. When they have completed the activity, there is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment; an obvious positive effect on children and their creative confidence.

Diamond and dimension are what the diamond painting trend is all about. Adding sparkle to your child’s typical creative routine is a rewarding and fun experience. Big Gem Diamond Painting is currently available in themes: Magical, Sweets, Sea Friends, and Woodland. Join our Creativity for Kids Facebook Group to stay updated on new Big Gem Diamond Painting releases and activities and share your Big Gem paintings with us and our community.


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