Bullet Journal Doodles: Succulent & Cactus

Bullet Journal Succulent & Cactus Doodles

Bullet Journal doodles gone green!

I do NOT have a green thumb in real life... so I like to pretend that I do by creating succulent and cactus doodles! These are some of my absolute favorite things to draw!

 Bullet Journal with Succulent and Cactus Doodles with Pitt Artist Pens

Today, Faber-Castell USA and I are showing you how to build your own for your journals. These are easy to create if you break it apart into steps.

 Bullet Journal with succulent and cactus doodles and Pitt Artist Pens

First - pick a planter or a pot! Once you have that nailed down, use your favorite Faber-Castell product to create a special pattern. Choose one here, or create your very own! Draw your chosen pattern on your planter, and then you are ready to pick your plant!

 Bullet Journal with succulent and cactus doodles with Pitt Artist Pens

If you want to push yourself even further, add some accessories or create an arrangement with your favorite choices ...I can see it now, the cutest little fairy garden! Just be creative with it - get weird, as I like to say!

 Bullet Journal with succulent and cactus doodles

As always, we have created a fun free printable for you to use! You can grab it HERE!


Thanks so much, keep creating!

Artist Biography - Nicole Barlettano - @plansthatblossom


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