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Bullet Journal Lettering Ombre Tutorial

Posted on January 22 2020

Ombre Lettering! with Bullet Journal and Pitt Artist Pens


I love playing around with letter forms because each individual letter becomes much more than it seems. With their unique details and curves, the possibilities are endless. Plus, the more you practice, the more you'll notice! I like to think of lettering as a form of drawing, and not handwriting. This takes some of the stigma away that you just NEED to have perfect handwriting to get into lettering - I promise, you can do it!

Bullet Journal with Ombre lettering and Pitt Artist Pens

Today, Faber-Castell USA and I are sharing 4 different styles of ombre lettering! This technique is something I discovered while playing with different shades of the same color. If you continue to add a "shadow" to your letters, but use different colors instead of gray alone, your letters will come alive!

Bullet Journal with Ombre Lettering Steps

We've also made this fun printable worksheet for you to practice these styles! Use your Pitt Artist Pens® to try these out or create your own! You can grab the worksheet HERE!

Bullet Journal with Ombre Lettering

Thanks for stopping by - keep creating!

Artist Biography - Nicole Barlettano - @plansthatblossom

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