Map of My Heart - Art Lesson Plan for Kids

Map of my heart art lesson

Art lesson where students identify the people, moments, memories, places and things that are important to them.

They then create artwork expressing their ideas in a heart painting.

Grade Level: Kinder - 6th grade

Time Required: 1-1/2 45-min. class periods 


Connector Paint Box

brushDuoTip Black Marker

Watercolor Pad 9 x12

National Core Arts Standards:

Creating: #1, 2, 3

Presenting/Producing: #5, 6

Responding: #8

Connecting: #10 

This project was originally inspired by Sara Finelli’s My Map Book, exploring different areas of a child’s life through a series of illustrated maps, and would be fun to read aloud as an introduction to the project. However, if you don’t have My Map Book, this project easily stands on its own.

Begin by discussing as a class, the things that matter the most to them; ask “If we could see inside your heart, who or what would we see?”

Family members are often the closest and most meaningful in the mind of a five- or six- year old, pets too.

Fond Memories are fun to include.

Places such as church, home, the beach can be illustrated.

What secrets do they have? Draw!

Things like a favorite stuffed animal, toy, or Mom’s macaroni and cheese are special.

Map of my heart sketch

1. Students draw a large heart to fill the page.

They then write Map of My Heart wherever they choose, and sign their name. Students then go over their line art with black marker, and continue to fill their heart with thoughts and images of what they love the most in their lives.

Child making a map of heart

2. Paint the heart.

Have students wash over art in vibrant shades of warm color—yellow, magenta, orange and red, letting the beauty and magic of one wet color blend into the next

Download the entire lesson plan, here!

Artist Biography - Janis Doukakis




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