Sensory Bins with Creativity for Kids

Sensory Bins. Scoop, sort, and explore!

Engage your child’s imagination through his or her senses in one play experience with sensory bins.

Sensory bins are filled with tactile contents that stimulate the senses and create a play scene for children to exercise their creativity while developing cognitive and social skills.

Outer space sensory bin

Sensory Play & Cognitive Development

Integrating sight, touch, and sound, sensory bins are the perfect craft for children to engage in sensory play. Sensory play is when a child engages with crafts that involve one or more of the five senses. Integrating the senses in their crafting and play routines causes them to process an understanding of those senses and their effect on their lives. Experiencing the senses through a creative outlet helps children begin to develop and understand concepts such as memory, problem-solving, and decision making. This specific development is known as cognitive development. Cognitive development and creative confidence flourish with sensory play. Click here to learn more about the importance of sensory play!

Two kids playing with a sensory bin

Aside from a play experience full of bright colors and unique textures, sensory bins also provide children with an opportunity for growth and development. Children develop early learning readiness skills through becoming aware of their senses and the impact each one has on their surroundings inside and outside of the bin. Using the simple tools included for tactical play, children will develop fine motor skills through the shaping and molding of the contents in the bin while they strengthen their imagination creating their own play scene. Encourage language development and further your child’s imagination by prompting them to use descriptive words, role play, or create a story. Sensory bins are also great for your child’s mental health as sensory play can be calming.

An All-in-One Bin of Imagination

Sensory bins are all-inclusive; everything you need is included for safety and convenience. Enjoy your bins indoors or outdoors as each bin doubles as its own portable storage. Sensory bins often include contents of various textures for kids to scoop and play with such as rocks, figurines, and sand to name a few. Children can see the contrasting colors, feel the different textures, and envision the accompanying senses that come with the scene represented in the sensory bin. Experience hands-on, independent, or interactive play through communication with your child and their bin.

Sensory Bins with Creativity for Kids

Child playing with outer space sensory bin

Creativity for Kids currently provides children with a large collection of  sensory bin themes.Each sensory bin transports kids to a different scene for their imagination to run wild.  The safety of your child is a top priority for Creativity for Kids; each component in every sensory bin was carefully selected and safety tested to provide an exciting and safe experience. We recommend our sensory bins for ages three and older. Shop our sensory bins here.

We at Faber-Castell Creativity for Kids are committed to providing crafts for kids that are not only fun but beneficial to their growth and development. New Creativity for Kids Sensory Bins coming soon! Join our email list to keep up with the latest sensory bins for kids.


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