A Look Inside the Creative Studio Try It Box: Dry Mediums

Lily pad artwork

What better way to discover exciting new creative inspiration than by exploring Faber Castell’s new Creative Studio Try It Box of Dry Mediums?

This Try It Box includes an introductory assortment of premium art materials including:

12 Soft Pastels

6 Color Pencils

4 Graphite Pencils

1 Pitt Artist Pen

Paper Blender

Soft Eraser


Soft Pastels

Soft Pastels are a beautiful medium producing rich depth of color and exquisite painterly effects and detail; this medium offers an exciting and vibrant luminescence unlike any other material.


The pastel sticks’ rectangular shape allow for the artist to both draw lines with it’s edges and fill in with it’s flat sides.

These soft pastels have a velvety texture and intense color. When layered, colors blend seamlessly, resulting in a unique painterly effect without the drying time of paint.

dragonfly drawing

Goldfaber Color Pencils

Explore your drawing and coloring potential with Goldfaber Color Pencils, ideal for students and aspiring artists. All drawing techniques from sketching and coloring to rendering can be achieved effortlessly with these colored pencils. Combine with the Pitt Artist Pen to achieve a simple and pleasing illustration style.

Goldfaber Color Pencils offer optimum opacity, rich color, excellent lightfastness and a soft, vibrant color laydown. They are water resistant, smudge proof and break resistant.

Pitt Artist Pen

The Pitt Artist Pen has enjoyed a popularity among professional artists and hobbyists alike for decades, and for good reason; it’s lightfast, waterproof, odorless, and acid-free qualities make this India ink pen ideal for all kinds of art including many forms of mixed media involving collage, painting and illustration styles.

Frog sketch

Goldfaber Graphite Pencils

Goldfaber graphite pencils are perfect for all of the beginners’ sketching and drawing needs, as well as for graphic design, mixed media and writing.

The pre-sharpened pencils feature strong, break resistant leads made of finely ground graphite and clay for a smooth, consistent laydown. SV Bonding ensures their strength and longevity.

Paper Blender

The paper blender is a useful tool to help blend graphite and color pencils.

Soft Eraser

This dust free soft eraser is effective for clean, soft erasing.


This quality metal sharpener has high grade sharpening blades and is suitable for graphite and color pencils.

Color Numbering System

A big advantage to all Faber Castell art materials are their standardized color numbering system across both product lines. This allows the color number and shade from Creative Studio products to match the same colors of products in the Art & Graphic line. This is a very unique feature enabling reliable mixing and matching techniques of artists’ materials.

Explore the endless possibilities with Faber Castell’s new Creative Studio Try It Box of Dry Mediums. Have fun!

Artist biography - Janis Doukakis

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