A Look Inside the Art & Graphic Try It Box: Wet Mediums

A Look Inside the Art & Graphic Try It Box: Wet Mediums

What better way to discover exciting new creative inspiration than by exploring Faber Castell’s new Art & Graphic Try It Box of Wet Mediums?

This Try It Box includes an introductory assortment of premium art materials including:

6 Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils

2 Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Markers

Water Brush

Blending Palette

Collapsible Water Cup


Watercolor pencils and swatches

Watercolor Pencils

Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils are a versatile medium, offering the unique combination of the control of you have with a pencil, along with the exciting creativity of watercolor paint.

These premium quality pigments dissolve smoothly with a wet brush or water brush, producing brilliant washes and fine detail, and handle color gradations and transitions with ease. As with watercolor paint, the pigment will also react to various texturizing techniques such as using salt, oil, alcohol, etc.

The highly pigmented 3.8mm leads contain the highest quality pigments of unsurpassed lightfastness and brilliance.

Two watercolor markers

Watercolor Markers

Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Markers offer a beautiful and modern way to create unique artwork by combining marker drawing techniques and painting effects all from one drawing instrument.

Turn your drawing into a painting by starting with a marker, then use a wet paint brush or water brush to spread the color to create rich watercolor effects. Use various techniques, like lifting, blending, and creating delicate washes. Create texture as shown here with salt. The high quality, odorless water based inks have a high lightfastness and will not bleed through most paper.

The marker’s dual end features a brush on one end for creating loose, painterly effects and blending, and a fine tip bullet nib on the other end providing flexibility in drawing styles and detail. Color flow is consistent with 3 weights that can be achieved by the amount of pressure applied.

Watercolors with a blending palette

Blending Palette

The 4x6 inch laminated blending palette is the perfect surface for mixing colors on. Use by simply scribbling onto the palette with watercolor markers, then dilute by using a wet brush or water brush. Clean the palette by wiping off with paper towel or wet cloth.

Water brush and water cup

Collapsible Water Cup

This convenient collapsible water cup with lid is perfect for travel and easy storage.

Artist Water Brush

The three-piece, refillable water brush is very comfortable to hold and easy to use, boasting 3 impressive features:

Cap- The sophisticated cap design with it’s integrated grooves and wedge shaped sides can be used as a tool for scratching and scraping techniques to add texture and depth to your artwork.

Durable brush with grip zone- This ergonomic design features a grip zone for a comfortable hold and fatigue free work, along with high quality soft and pliable nylon bristles that hold a generous amount of paint.

Water Tank- The 6ml transparent tank is easily refilled under running water.

This deluxe water brush features a leak-proof and portable design making it travel friendly for plein air painting and urban sketching.

Color Numbering System

A big advantage to all Faber-Castell art materials is the standardized color numbering system across both product lines. This allows the color number and shade from Creative Studio products to match the same colors of products in the Art & Graphic line. This is a very unique feature enabling reliable mixing and matching techniques of artists’ materials.

Explore the endless possibilities with Faber Castell’s new Art & Graphic Try It Box of Wet Mediums. And of course, enjoy!

Artist biography - Janis Doukakis

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