Back to School Paper Plate School Bus Craft

Back to School Paper Plate School Bus


Summer is winding down 😥 and it's time to prepare the kids for the next adventure. We are preparing for Kindergarten and with this milestone transition comes some new and possibly scary experiences. While my daughter is excited to ride the bus for the first time, she can't help but be a bit apprehensive about it. I am hoping this cute paper plate school bus craft will generate curiosity and excitement!


Benefits of Crafting in Preparation for School


Not only will this project allow time to sit down and discuss this new milestone experience, but it is also good practice for their fine motor skills that will become even more important as they advance in their school career. This paper plate school bus will exercise their cutting, painting, and gluing skills. It can also be a great lesson on shapes or even color theory if they want to get creative with mixing colors and creating their own unique bus. They can also practice letters if they want to add their name, school, or just simply the word "bus".

Also, you know I love a good time filler, especially in a time when the phrase "I'm bored" seems to pop up often. Wrap up your epic summer with fun and educational experiences. These are the "good ol' days" that they will remember for a lifetime. 💖


How to Make a Paper Plate School Bus Craft for Kids


Here's what you'll need:

Table with Art Supplies

Paper Plate School Bus Video:


Paper Plate School Bus Instructions:


1. Cut the paper plate in half.


Paper Plate Cut in Half with Scissors


2. Paint yellow. Let dry.


 Paper Plate Painted with Yellow Paint


3. Draw or trace two 2" black circles.


Circle Traced on Black Paper


4. Draw or trace four 1.5" black squares.


 Square Traced on Black Paper


5. Cut out shapes.


Scissors Cutting Black Paper


6. Glue. Let dry. 


 Shades Glued on Yellow Painted Plate


📚🖍️  Have a good year! 🍎🚌


Feel free to add words, different shapes, or change up the colors! 

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