The History of Albrecht Dürer

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As a German company with a global expansion standing over 200 years, history is ingrained in the physical and metaphorical structure of Faber-Castell. Established in the aftermath of the Renaissance period, our past, present, and future are strongly influenced by cultural and artistic movements of the 18th century. No matter the era, our products hold a standard of the highest quality, influencing why our professional-grade watercolor products are named after Albrecht Dürer; artist and Renaissance pioneer.

The Renaissance era was a pivotal time in human history. This period created cultural advancement that shifted the way individuals lived their lives in almost every aspect, pushing us into the modern world we live in centuries later. With the growth of Renaissance art being one of the biggest advancements, Dürer’s influence is of the more notable of the era.

A son of a goldsmith growing up in the cultural hub of Nuremberg, Dürer’s start in life had a potential that he would one day exceed beyond expectations. Dürer’s resume is quite impressive. He was a painter, craftsman, writer, and printmaker. Though his painted works of art and powerful words left a strong influence, perhaps his biggest notoriety is what he did for the art world with his printmaking.

Dürer’s artwork emphasized the vitality in attention to detail and uncovered ways to place emotions into art. During his time, artists were limited to the number of creative resources available for use in their work. Dürer’s approach allowed himself the opportunity to provide tedious detail so that those looking at his work could feel and comprehend what the artist was trying to portray. Many of his pieces of art were of religious purpose, these include: St. Michael Fighting the Dragon, first seven scenes of the Great Passion, and designs for The Apocalypse to name a few.

In our world today, artists continue to look for new ways to emphasize detail and express emotion into each piece of art. At Faber-Castell, Albrecht Dürer Artists’ Watercolor Pencils provide artists with the opportunity to break media barriers and exceed creative limits all with one medium. The legacy of Albrecht Dürer is one that affects artists today and will live on forever in our watercolor products.


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