Bullet Journal Bunting Tutorial

Bullet Journal Bunting Tutorial


Let's talk BUNTING! Fun fact, I didn't know that the little cute flags hung up as a garland were referred to as bunting until I worked for Martha Stewart Crafts, BUT, I LOVE THEM! Faber-Castell USA's lovely collection of PITT Artist Pens are the perfect tools to personalize these for yourself!

Bullet Journal Bunting Tutorial with Pitt Artist Pen

Bunting makes the perfect accent to your journals and planners. They are completely customizable as well! You're able to add as little or as many flags as you want, but I simplified it for this tutorial. 

Bullet Journal Bunting Tutorial

First, start off with a slightly curved line. I like to add little bows to the end of mine, but that's just a personal choice. Second, you're going to want to choose the type, size, and amount of flags you want to add, and then just continue that shape from one end to another! It's very simple.

Bullet Journal Bunting Tutorial

I personally love using these for daily headers! So much fun, and so deceptively simple to create!

Bullet Journal Bunting Headers and Pitt Artist Pen

Not into making your own? HERE is a fun free 2 page printable for you to use!

Thanks! Enjoy, and keep creating!


Artist Biography - Nicole Barlettano - @plansthatblossom


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