Thanksgiving Decor with Marble Art for Beginners

Grateful for You Marble Art and Pitt Artist Pens


Faber-Castell’s 20 Minute Studio Marbling Art for Beginners is the PERFECT thing for this Thanksgiving centerpiece. 

Start out with the marbling kit, and a container of water (this is just a Tupperware from my kitchen. Anything that can hold water and is big enough for your paper will do.). Use the chalks and the file provided and mix up your colors! Dip the paper in it, and voila! 

Once it’s dry, you can add the mixed media transfers, add in some hand lettering, or if you’re like me, BOTH.

Now stick this in a frame and invite your family over. Let them know you’re grateful for them!


Artist Biography - Chelsea Law - Books and Brush Pens


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