Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Tutorial

Habit tracker icons and Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal habit tracker icons for your weekly routines! 

Habit tracking has become the foundation for many planner and journal lovers alike.

Personally, I can't make it through a week without tracking my habits, because it has truly become an integral part of my process.

Habit tracker icons on Bullet Journal

I'm sure you've seen the standard bullet journaling trackers, but what happens when you have a lack of space? What do you do if you share your journal socially, but want to keep your habits private? Enter... the habit tracker icon!

Habit tracker icons on Bullet Journal

These little doodles are perfect teeny representations for the habits you would like to track. Not only do they help your tracker take up less space, but they help protect your privacy as well.

Habit tracker icons on Bullet Journal

Not into making doodles for your own trackers? Check out our fun free printable HERE for a large collection of icons that can represent whatever you assign them to!

Weekly habit tracker

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Artist Biography - Nicole Barlettano - @plansthatblossom


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