Hand Lettering "Home Is Where The Heart Is"

Hand Lettering "Home Is Where The Heart Is"

 This hand lettering activity is perfect for everyone and will take approximately 30 minutes. 

What you need: 

Hand lettering

Step 1:

Write the text with the pencil. Be sure to use generous curves for the letters, as the lines will become thicker later.






Hand letteringStep 2:

Now we thicken all downward strokes. Simply draw a second line parallel to all downward strokes with a slight spacing.





Hand letteringStep 3:

Trace around the letters with the Pitt Artist Pens 1.5 in metallic shades. Good coverage means that no erasing is required later.






Hand lettering

Step 4:

The final step is to fill the contours of the letters with the different colors. Don’t forget the little heart! Finished!





Hand Lettering - Calligraphy


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