Bullet Journal Tutorial: Using Other Mediums

Bullet Journal: How to Use Other Mediums in your Journal

Bullet Journal with Other Mediums!

Do you ever get artist's block? Writer's block? I'm convinced bujo-block is a thing, too! One way I like to combat any type of creative block is to play around with my materials! Whether this means using a medium I've never tried to create a spread, or making a swatch page to see how they interact with my journal, going outside of the box will help with the block!

 Bullet Journal with Gelatos, thread, watercolor markers, metallic markers, and Pitt Artist Pens

As you can see here, I decided to try 4 different mediums on my page. The first of which is a fantastic Faber-Castell product called "Gelatos" - they are so much fun, and so versatile! For the first effect, I spread a little bit of this beautiful color on a watercolor palette. After that, I added a little water, and brushed on a thin layer, creating this shimmery transparent background. I used what was left to create the flower as well! For the center effect, I used a blender and stencils and I was pleasantly surprised at how it came out. I love how muted and subtle the colors are here!

 Bullet Journal with Gelatos, metallic markers, and watercolor markers

The second are some of my favorites, metallic markers! They add a little something extra to an otherwise ordinary page. I love to use them on dark surfaces or as little accents to my doodles and lettering!

 Bullet Journal with metallic markers, watercolor markers, and thread

The third are Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Markers, and there are a few ways to go about using them. With the watercolor wash, I simply scribbled on a watercolor palette, added water, and brushed on a thin wash for a nice background effect. For the laurels, I used the same technique, but with a smaller brush for detailing. If you use the markers just as they are, you will get very deep and rich colors, perfect for drawing or blocking out color!

 Bullet Journal with Gelatos, metallic markers, watercolor markers, thread, and Pitt Artist Pens

Last but not least, I decided to try something a little crazy! I added thread to my pages! The first option shows that you can use thread to create your own junk journal by binding the pages together, or stitching in any ephemera you may have collected. The second and third effects are perfect for dot grid journals! I essentially played collect the dots with a pencil and stitching, and I am very excited about the results!

Ultimately, use your supplies, people! It's so important to play around with different mediums and try new techniques. Speaking of! If you're interested in playing with your own supplies but aren't sure where to start, I've created a simple swatch page for you to print out and practice with. You can grab it HERE!

Thanks so much - keep creating!!

Artist Biography - Nicole Barlettano - @plansthatblossom


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