Big Gem Diamond Painting Designer Spotlight

Designer Spotlight: Big Gem Diamond Painting

Your diamond painting kit questions answered. 

Behind every Creativity for Kids craft kit is a craft designer with a passion for creativity. Countless hours of brainstorming and research combined with copious amounts of imagination and fun come together to create craft kits designed with your child’s creative wellbeing in mind. We interviewed our Big Gem Diamond Painting designer, Ann to get the inside scoop on what went into the development of one of our most popular craft kits! 

What first sparked your idea to create a diamond painting kit for kids?  

To be honest, we were in the process of developing a different craft kit idea at the time. While researching tools that would allow crafters to better control the placement of large glitter pieces, thdiamond painting stylus and wax entered the picture. After having tried this intriguing craft, my curiosity peaked. Exploringdeveloping and testing an approachable, simplified version took precedence. 

Diamond Painting steps: peel, pick up, and place

What makes Big Gem Diamond Painting unique compared to other diamond painting kits for kids? 

The two most important features that make this kit great for kids are one, the gems are much bigger than those included in traditional diamond painting and two, there are no confusing color codes to follow. That means you can add sparkling gem colors in your own unique way.   

Traditional diamond painting is very detailed and time-consuming. It can also be daunting for a lot of people. Big Gem is much more kid friendlyFor those interested in the advanced version, it's a great entry into this mesmerizing hobby. 

Big Gem Diamond Painting is also a functional craft. Each kit includes diamond painting stickers and suncatchers. After completing the crafts, children can show off their work by adding stickers to notebooks, bookbags, cards, and more! They can also display their sparkling suncatchers in the windows around the home.  

Big Gem Diamond Painting Stickers on Folder with Girl

How did you know kids and grown-ups would love this activity?  

Working with children and watching their reactions told us we were on to something. They LOVED Big Gem Diamond Painting. It was truly rewarding to watch them master the stylus and wax. Their faces beamed with a sense of accomplishment. 

Big Gem Diamond Painting Woodland Stickers

What age range is this kit made for?  

These kits are for anybody ages 6-96 (and older). The many kids and adults that have tried this product have openly expressed their enjoyment. Once you get going, it’s hard to stop no matter what your age.  

Big Gem Diamond Painting Sun Catchers with Girl

What inspired the different designs that the craft kits include?  

We’re obsessive when it comes to trend research. Knowing what kids and parents are drawn to is crucial, so we dive deep into layers of possibilities. Then we get to the fun part. We hang out with kids and ask them what they like. It’s a win, win! 

Big Gem Diamond Painting Sweets

Are any additional supplies needed?  

No, everything you need is included in each Big Gem kit. We even offer two ways to display your suncatchers, suction cups for hanging on a window or mirror and stands to display on a table or desk. 

Big Gem Diamond Painting Supplies

What can you do with the Big Gem projects after they are complete? 

We’re in the process of creating free fun printables for the stickers. In fact, Valentine’s Day cards are already available. They’re pretty punny. The best part is they can be given any time of year. “You’re Turtley Awesome!” is one of my favorites. Download the free PDFs here.

Big Gem Diamond Painting Valentine

Will we see more designs in the future?  

Yes!  We’ve received many requests and new Big Gem Diamond Painting themes are in the works. Sign up for our Creativity for Kids Facebook Group and join our newsletter for special announcements! 

Stay tuned for more printable downloads and let us know if you have any ideas or special requests. We love hearing from you. 


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