Watercolor Ornament Winter Craft for Kids

Watercolor Snowflake Winter Craft for Kids

Let it snow! ☃️ Winter is upon us and over here in the Midwest, all we can do is embrace it! Celebrate the cooler temps with these watercolor oil pastel ornaments!

There is something magical about the first snowfall, it's clean, bright and usually indicates the holidays are coming! 🦃🎄🕎🎊

If your kids are anything be like mine, they can get stir crazy this time of year. We spend 20 minutes getting suited up to play in the snow only for them to last 5 minutes... Oh, you can relate? 😂 This leaves A LOT of time to be spent inside, especially on those snow or sick days we are stranded at home.

These watercolor snowflakes are a go-to project in our home because the kids can create beautiful homemade decor that is MESS FREE!!!  You heard me right! These ornaments are an exercise for the imagination and also practices those fine motor skills by coloring, drawing, painting, cutting! Not to mention provides some good one-on-one bonding time.


How to Make a Watercolor Ornament Winter Craft for Kids

Here’s what you’ll need:


Watercolor Oil Pastel Ornament Video:



Watercolor Oil Pastel Ornament Instructions:

1. Color on paper with watercolor pencils.

Two Watercolor Pencils

2. Draw a snowflake using oil pastels.

Oil Pastel Snowflake

3. Blend watercolor pencil using water. Let dry.

Oil Pastel Snowflake with Paintbrush 

4. Cut around the shape. 

Cut shape from paper with snowflake

Watercolor Christmas Ornament

Optional: Punch hole to hang with ribbon or string.

Another holiday-inspired activity that could also be used for any occasion are these clay Fingerprint Ornaments. They make great gift toppers or host gifts! You’ll find those on 10 DIY Christmas Decorations & Gifts for Kids list. The holiday craft possibilities are endless!

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