Colored Pencil Comparison: Polychromos® & Goldfaber

Polychromos and Goldfaber color pencils

Faber-Castell’s collection of colored pencils coincides with our passion to support your creativity at every age and skill level. That is why we created our Polychromos® Artist’s Color Pencils and Goldfaber Color Pencils in our Art & Graphic and Creative Studio lines. Every colored pencil of ours is manufactured for exceptional performance with high-quality pigments and SV bonding but hold their own unique build and qualities.

Wood for color pencils

Celebrating its 111th birthday this year, Polychromos Artist’s Color Pencil has earned its reputation of best of the best. Polychromos, our absolute finest quality colored pencil, lives among other exclusive artistic supplies for the professional artist in our Art & Graphic line. This collection could be best defined by its name Polychromos, meaning “many colors.” Available in 120 colors, there is no limit to where these colored pencils can take you.

What makes Polychromos so special? The answer is found in the development. Made from premium cedar wood, Polychromos is comprised of vegetable oil, wax, and high-quality pigments. These qualities give the color pencil a buttery smooth color laydown and can be easily blended for layered effects, highlights, and transitions. With a 3.8 mm break-resistant lead, this pencil is also water resistant and smudge proof. The Polychromos pencil is labeled by color name, color number, lightfastness rating, and an SV bonded label, with the lead color painted on the entire barrel of the pencil.

Polychromos Color Pencils

When creating your artwork with a Polychromos color pencil, you can rest assured knowing your work is going to last a long time. Of the 120 colors, 102 colors have a 3-star lightfast rating. The pencil has a high archival quality of more than 100 years of fade resistance.

The Goldfaber Color Pencil lives in our Creative Studio line. Not to be overshadowed by Polychromos, Goldfaber is the high-quality choice for the student, aspiring, and hobby artist. With 48 colors to choose from to let your imagination run wild, you will never get bored.

Goldfaber Color Pencils

The fine quality of Goldfaber begins with eco-friendly growth from pine wood. The pencil is comprised of pigments and wax, finely-ground and mixed together to create soft and intensive strokes with the vibrant colors we all know and love. Goldfaber is highly pigmented for great lightfastness, and its 3.3mm lead is break-resistant as well as water-resistant and smudge proof. The pencil is labeled by the name Goldfaber, as well as UPC number and color number with its lead color painted at the end of the pencil.

Professional, student, or hobby artist, you can have faith trusting your art and creative flexibility is in good hands with Faber-Castell’s color pencil collections. Get creating!


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