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Two Pitt Artist Pens with one drawing a line

With every product made, we at Faber-Castell live out our dedication to being your companion for life. Our Pitt Artist Pen ® embodies this mission with its reliable India ink and flexible talent of being the go-to tool for a multitude of artistic outlets. Hand lettering, classical ink drawings, urban sketches, illustrations, and mixed media art can be created with Pitt Artist Pens. Hobbyist or professional artist, you will find great use out of the Pitt Artist Pen.

Mixed Media

One of the many great qualities of India ink is its opacity and ability to blend with other media. Color pencils, watercolor, and acrylic paint all partner perfectly with the Pitt Artist Pen. Let our ink pen be the foundation and outline of your artwork. After it dries, India ink is waterproof and can be painted over with other mediums without losing its quality. You can also provide a watercolor effect with the ink pen and water alone by dampening your surface before drawing with your pen. Mixed media techniques such as these create artwork that will last a lifetime.

Image of a forest drawn with mixed media

Illustration and Design

A lot of personality can go into illustration. Comics, graffiti, manga, fashion, and digital design all have an artistic edge that need the right tool to be executed properly. The expressive powers of the Pitt Artist Pen can capture every detail in illustration; large and small. There are many techniques that can be used with Pitt Artist Pens to manipulate the color of your illustration beyond the 60 colors and six metallics we provide. Use techniques such as hatching to add density and detail, or you can even blend your colors. Along with the wide color range, nib sizes ranging from a 0.1mm extra superfine to an 8mm big brush allow illustrators and designers to capture minor details as precise as possible and easily cover extensive drawings when needed.

Illustration of a woman drawn with Pitt Artist Pens

Classic (India ink) Drawings and Urban Sketching

Strip away the vibrant colors and the dramatic caricatures and there is beauty behind classic ink drawings. With all 11 nib sizes available in black and a large assortment available in neutral tones, the Pitt Artist Pen proves it can live on opposite sides of artistic style.

Urban sketchers live their artistic lives on the go. Inspiration can strike at any moment; Pitt Artist Pens bring quality India ink in a portable convenient pen. With waterproof ink, artists do not need to worry about their sketches losing quality while traveling.

When creating classic ink drawings and urban sketches, it is important that your ink support the detail that goes into your work. India ink is lightfast and permanent, and our Pitt Artist Pen nib sizes are great for delicate detail. You can trust that every stroke from a Pitt Artist Pen will create quality art.

A building sketched with a Pitt Artist Pen

Hand Lettering and Bullet Journaling®

More modern uses of our Pitt Artist Pens are hand lettering and Bullet Journaling. Hand lettering brings back the classic love for detailed handwriting. A similar but modern spin off calligraphy and classic lettering, artists have taken this trend to new heights with different designs and techniques. Our Pitt Artist brush pen, bullet nib, or any of our fineliners are all you need to get lettering.

Bullet Journaling is more than just keeping a journal; it is a method to keeping your life organized in a balance of productivity and mindfulness. Pitt Artist Pens are a favorite for journaling because the India ink will not bleed through the paper and ruin the journal. The creativity that individuals display in their journals put any regular productivity method to shame. Standard logging or creatively designed layouts, we have Pitt Artist Pens for every Bullet Journal need.

American flag and hand lettering made with Pitt Artist Pens

The Pitt Artist Pen is created for artists to manifest into their own artistic tool. Give an urban sketcher and a manga artist the same Pitt Artist Pen and completely different results will be created, using the quality of our pen that caters to their art. This versatility makes our Pitt Artist Pen a favorite amongst all artists.

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