Rethink Your Ink - Pitt Artist Pens and India Ink

Hand lettering written with Pitt Artist Pens

Artist ink pens and markers adapt fundamental artistic expression through ink with the modern world.

Sequential art, illustrations, drawings, portraits, fashion design, and canvas paintings all can be created using an ink pen or marker. The make of artist ink pens and markers vary with different colorants and solvents being used. They can be alcohol-based made with dye or water-based made with pigments. Our popular Pitt Artist Pen ® comprises India ink; a water-based ink. Before you get creating, make sure you know the properties of the ink you are using.

Chart comparing India ink and alcohol-based ink

The difference among ink can be found in the: base (solvent), permanence, lightfastness, and odor. Many artists find the qualities of India Ink to stand out among the rest.

India ink is a water-based ink comprised of pigments. Pigmented ink binds itself into the surface it is applied to, creating bold and lasting colors. Opposite of water-based ink is alcohol-based ink. Prismacolor’s Premier Art Markers are a well-known example of an alcohol-based marker. Alcohol-based ink is comprised of dyestuff, better known as dye. Dye ink markers deliver unmatchable vibrant colors but will fade in light over time. To ensure your work of art lasts, be sure to pay attention to your pen or markers lightfast rating. In most cases, alcohol-based lacks the security of lightfastness whereas water-based ink such as India ink has a very high lightfast rating. Our Pitt Artist Pen collection has 40 out of 66 colors with the highest lightfast rating obtainable. Both water-based ink and alcohol-based ink are resistant to water, making them permanent.

When it comes to odor, it is naturally expected to have the smell of alcohol coming from the ink of your alcohol-based pen or marker. India ink being water-based is odorless, saving you the headache of inhaling fumes as you create.

The contents in the different types of ink play a role in the outcome of your art. Rethink your ink and see for yourself the difference in your creations.

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