Frozen 2 Movie Release Party Crafts

Frozen 2 Movie Release Party Crafts

For the first time in forever, Walt Disney’s highly anticipated ‘Frozen 2’ is coming to theaters November 22nd. This snowy sequel is about to take the world by (winter) storm already breaking box office records, according to Forbes online. In celebration to the end of the six-year Anna and Elsa hiatus, throwing a Frozen 2 party is a must. These 10 crafts and activities are the perfect way to get in the spirit for the movie release. When you’re done, share your work on our Creativity for Kids Facebook group 

1. Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

Frost the Christmas Tree in crystal flakes of snow like Elsa with Beaded Snowflake Ornaments! Each craft kit includes enough crystal beads to create six ornaments for the children to take home from the party. 

Beaded Snowflake Ornament

2. DIY Bubble Wands

We may not have Elsa’s magical ability to create ice and snow, but we can make our own bubble wand and pretend! Shape the wand wire into shapes of ice and snow and let imagination do the rest!

DIY Bubble Wands     

3. Glitter Shaving Cream Paint DIY

Shaving cream, food coloring, and glitter are all you need to master this fun but slightly messy but craft. Let creative expressions run free as they create their own patterns and Frozen scenes with just their hands! 

Shaving Cream Paint & Book DIY

4. Make Your Own Holiday Snow Globes

Have the children create their own Arendelle with the Make Your Own Holiday Snow Globes craft kit. Each kit includes three winter wonderlands and “if you want to build a snowman, you can!  

Make Your Own Holiday Snowglobe

5. DIY Fluffy Slime with Glitter and Sparkles

Making fluffy slime is a simple and popular craft amongst children. Add sparkles, gems, and shades of icy blues and you have yourself Frozen fluffy slime! 

DIY Fluffy Slime

6. Holiday Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit

With a Holiday Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit, the creative possibilities are endless. With eight weather-resistant paints and four bonus golden transferseveryone can paint their favorite Frozen scene or character. Painting not their style? Use the rock set to create Rock Trolls.  

Holiday Hide and Seek Rock

7. Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry 

Just as Elsa creates her own crystal world, you can do the same! Express and create your own Frozen powers and mood with the Color Your Mood Crystal Jewelry craft kit. Transform your crystals into jewelry and wear them to the movie theater!  

Color Your Mood Cyrstal Jewelry

8. Easy Sparkly Sun Catchers

Bring the sparkling Disney magic to life in your home with sparkly sun catchers! Made with recycled plastic, this craft is easy and earth-friendlyCut out shapes of snowflakes and diamonds for the full Frozen effect.  

Easy Sparkly Sun Catchers

9. Glitter Nail Art

Sparkling glitter magic right on your fingertips! With six pots of glitter, confetti, rhinestonesand three bottles of glitter your party will be all set for a festive Frozen manicure session.  

 Glitter Nail Art

Celebrating the release of ‘Frozen 2’ with themed crafts is the perfect way to bring Disney magic to your home. Have a Frozen family craft night or invite over friends for a party and get ready for the ‘Frozen 2’ release November 22nd 


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