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Halloween Paper Plate Spider Craft for Kids

Posted on October 10 2019

Paper Plate Spider - Halloween Craft for Kids


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, it’s not Christmas – YET! But it is Halloween and it is the most decorated holiday in our house. These creepy crawly paper plate spiders are the perfect addition to the freight fest in your home!

My kids love to help plan spooky décor, their silly costumes, and tasty treats for all the family, friends, and school parties. Not only are these spider projects creepily cute, but they’re also another great way to exercise those fine motor and creativity skills through painting, cutting, taping and gluing.

Kids can get creative with colors, textures, and features. It’s also a great opportunity to learn about spiders – there are so many different species. A lot of them are beneficial to our ecosystem - they really are cool!

How to Make a Halloween Paper Plate Spider

Here’s what you’ll need:

Craft Supplies - Glue Paper Plate, wiggle eyes, chenile stems, scissors, tempera paint, and tape


Halloween Paper Plate Spider Video:

Halloween Paper Plate Spider Instructions:

1. Paint the backside of the paper plate. Let dry

Black paint on paper plate

2. Cut 4 chenille stems in half

Scissors cutting four chenille stems in half

3. Tape chenille stems to unpainted side of the plate

Paper plate with chenille stems taped on it

4. Bend taped chenille stems to make legs

Black painted paper plate and chenille stems

5. Glue wiggle eyes to painted plate. Let dry

Paper plate spider with wiggle eyes glued on


Paper plate spider and Happy Halloween

For a creepy-crawly, attach plates to furniture and walls using an adhesive of your choice. Or, create a daunting dangler by hanging them from the ceiling with string.

And while you and the kids are in the holiday spirit, these Spooky Spider Bookmarks are guaranteed to play a terrifying trick! Also, these Halloween Painted Rock Faces are a Spooktacular treat if you’re looking for some non-candy ideas.


 Artist Biography - Tara Custer

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