Hand Lettered Love Letter Tutorial for Valentine's Day

Hand lettered love letter and pictures

A hand-lettering inspiration tutorial using Pitt Artist Pens with artist Mou Saha!

I have made a complete materials list for you.


Pitt Artist Pen® Soft Brush - #199 Black - #800124

Pitt Artist Pen® Calligraphy - #127 Pink Carmine - #167527

Grip Writing EcoPencil with Eraser (HB) - #117200

Kneadable Art Eraser - Grey - #127220

White cardstock

Hand lettering and graphite pencil

With the grip pencil, make a very light outline of world placement for the quote.

Hand lettering and Pitt Artist Pen

With the black Soft Brush Pitt Artist Pen, write the quote. You may want to practice on scrap paper for ease with moving your wrist for hand-lettering using the soft brush pen.

Hand lettering and a Pitt Artist Pen

In this step, touch up any details you might like to see. Add the by line at the bottom.

Hand lettering with Pitt Artist Pen

Add a heart with the Pink Carmine Calligraphy Pitt Artist Pen for a touch of color to your hand-lettered quote Gently erase away any unnecessary lines with the kneadable eraser.

I hope you enjoyed today’s hand-lettering tutorial. Remember, hand-lettering improves with practice.

Artist Biography - Mou Saha - Mou Saha Studio


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