Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Numerous Creative Gift Ideas

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Numerous Creative Gift Ideas

This art activity is perfect for everyone and will take approximately 90 minutes.

What you Need: 

How about making your own cards, gift tags and gift boxes for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day that not only look professional but are easy to design? Then read on for inspiration!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with creative gifts

Valentine's Day Art Project

If you are looking for the perfect gift on February 14th, here’s a lovely way of creating a little work of art with the Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Markers: print out our coloring template and color in the different flowers and leaves with your favorite colors. Then stick your sheet of paper onto a colorful card and frame it – and you have a gift for a very special person.

You can also design your own gift tag to hang on the wrapped picture frame. Be inspired by our multilingual gift tag template!


Combine watercoloring and hand lettering

Valentine's Day Art Project 

Do you want to send your Valentine wishes? With our template, Goldfaber Aqua watercolor pencils and a brush, you can conjure up a beautiful card in next to no time! Try out different color combinations and add hand-lettering elements using Pitt Artist Pens. 
Tip: Add some shiny touches with the Metallics Markers!




Simply design your greetings card and gift tag

     Valentine's Day Art Project

    In addition to hand lettering, the Pitt Artist Pens can also be used to design flowers and leaves, for example: try a combination of both techniques with our template and make your card shine with finishing touches courtesy of the gold-colored Metallics Marker!

    To make gift tags with your messages of love truly extra special, cut out a rectangular piece of card slightly larger than the paper featuring your decorative hand lettering. Punch holes in both and use an attractive ribbon to hang one behind the other on your gift.

    Tip: Do a preliminary sketch of the hand-lettering elements with the Pitt Artist Pen XS or S and then add some life to the card and tag with different colors!

    DIY gift tags with hand lettering

    Valentine's Day Art Project

    Use our templates to make up creative gift tags in a flash! Either print them out or use the lettering as inspiration for your own hand lettering to turn colorful cards into gift tags with heart-warming messages. Try out the various tips of the Pitt Artist Pens to apply different hand-lettering varieties. Round off the tags with a bow and add them to your gift or alternatively tie them onto your gift!



    Inspiration for new gift wrapping

    Valentine's Day Art Project

    Recycle your old matchboxes and toilet paper rolls and turn them into creative boxes: this year’s wrapping for your small Valentine gifts. There are no limits to your creativity, and the best thing is you’re bound to have most of the things you need at home. With the 60 different Pitt Artist Pen colors, you also have endless possibilities for creative expression. Be inspired by our two kinds of gift wrapping and download our pillow box templates to turn your gifts into eye-catchers this Valentine’s Day!


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