Hexo Fine Writing Pen Collection

Hexo pen with record

Pens for the creatives and dreamers.

Write and create in style with our Fine Writing Hexo Pen CollectionNamed after their hexagonal shape, the Hexo Collection is perfect for putting your creative ideas down on paper.   

Black Hexo pens with guitar

The six-sided Hexo barrel and cap are both crafted with anodized aluminum, creating a protective outer layer of oxide for a robust but lightweight look. Each pen is designed with an ergonomically shaped grip zone for comfortable writing and is both left and right-handed user friendly. Each pen comes with a solid metal clip for convenient accessibility and style. 

Silver Hexo pens with guitar

The Hexo pen collection is available in three different modern colors: silver, rose, and black, and three different pen styles: ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pen in nib sizes fine, extra fine, broad and medium. Each Hexo ballpoint pen provides a powerful broad line width and each rollerball pen is completed with a black ceramic tip. Each fountain pen has a high-quality stainless-steel nib with a special edge for an exceptional writing experience. Each pen is created in Europe and the fountain pen nibs are made in Germany. 

Rose gold Hexo pens with record

Write to create! Let your ideas flow in distinct style with the Hexo Collection, available in every style for however you want to express yourself. Don’t know which style fits you best? Figure out which pen is best for you with our pen comparison. 



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