How to Use Gelatos with Stencils

Gelato Flower Stencil with Pitt Artist Pen




Blending stick/sponge


Paper (I used watercolor paper in this tutorial)

Pitt Artist Pen® Medium - Black 


1. Tape down stencil so it does not move around

Floral stencils with Gelatos

2. Apply Gelato directly to the paper, or to a side piece of paper or plastic (I used a plastic palette. Then pick up the color with a blending stick or sponge and blend into paper using a small circular motion.

Adding Gelatos color to paper using floral stencils

3. Repeat step 2 with as many colors as you like.

Mixing two gelatos colors
Adding the mixed yellow and orange color through the stencil onto paper

4. Remove stencil and tape

Bight Colored Flower

Add any details you would like with you Pitt Artist Pen! 


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