Watercolor Background Art with Gelatos

Watercolor Gelatos, Pitt Artist Pens, and Hand Lettering


Today we'll be using Metallic Blueberry and Raspberry Gelatos, and black Pitt Artist Pens® in brush and medium sizes. We have some watercolor paper and a sandwich bag, and that's all you'll need to create a watercolor background!

Start by gently scribbling on your sandwich bag with the gelatos. You don't want to press too hard, but you want to get a good amount of color on the bag.

Gelatos and Pitt Artist Pens with a Sandwich Bag

Next, use a dropper (or even just a wet paintbrush or water brush if you don't have a dropper) and drop water across your paper. Then turn the sandwich bag over and rub it onto the paper with your fingers. Make sure you rub all over and get the color onto the paper.

Waterdropper with Gelatos and Pitt Artist Pens

Gelatos and Pitt Artist Pens Creating Watercolor

Once thatʼs completely dry, use your Pitt Artist Pens to letter your quote! I used the brush tip for the word "love" and the medium size for the rest of it. Feel free to play around with your lettering and have some fun!


 Artist Biography - Chelsea Law - @booksandbrushpens


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