5 Crafty Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Five Crafty Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Say “Happy Mother’s Day” with one of our homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas!

What gift do you give to a person that deserves the world? Wish your Mother a “Happy Mother’s Day” with a priceless homemade craft. These craft ideas are not only easy and fun, but Mom will cherish a gift made from the heart by her favorite child.

Mother's Day Card coloring page

Mother’s Day Card Coloring Page

You are probably the best gift your mom could ask for, but flowers are nice too. Check out our floral heart coloring template that you can personalize to make this day even more special.

Happy Mom's Day watercolor painting

Mother’s Day Flower Art with Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor Pencils

Show your Mother how much you love her through art with this watercolor art tutorial. This tutorial will take you step by step on how to use Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor Pencils to create beautiful art for Mom to cherish forever.

Mother's Day Breakfast Jar

DIY Breakfast Jar Mother’s Day Gift

Personalize the most important meal of the day for the most important person! Easily create a breakfast jar as a Mother’s Day gift with just Pitt Artist Pens and Metallic Markers.

Mom Wrapping Paper

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Wrapping

You have your perfect Mother’s Day gift, now you just need to wrap it! Create personalized gift wrapping with this lettering tutorial. DIY wrapping paper adds a creative final touch to any Mother’s Day surprise.

Mother's Day Paper Flowers

Homemade Paper Flowers Mother’s Day Gift

Use our printable stencil to create homemade paper flowers for Mother’s Day. Craft several flowers and glue them to wooden sticks to create your own bouquet to gift to Mom or glue them to add a pop to your Mother’s Day card.

Worlds Best Mom Coloring Page

Additional Mother’s Day Coloring Pages

You can never have too many coloring pages! Along with the Mother’s Day Card Coloring Page, you can choose from four different Mother’s Day coloring pages to color and gift to Mom.


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