Craft and Grow Children’s Gardens with Safely Sourced Seeds

Where Do Our Seeds Come From?

Safe seeds for children's crafts!

With more than 40 years of experience in creating crafts for kids, we at Creativity for Kids are not only experts at creating crafts but creating them safely. Every component in our craft kits is designed with your child’s safety in mind with safety testing and a non-toxic guaranteeOur Creativity for Kids GROW kits safely give kids the opportunity to create their own gardens with seeds added to each kit by our production team here in the United StatesIncluding seeds exclusively sourced and placed in the kits in the United States allows us to ensure that your seeds are coming from a trusted source. The GROW kits provide the perfect STEAM learning experience for your kids with inspiring crafts centered around the education and exposure to mini ecosystems and botany.  

Chia Seeds: 

Grow N' Glow Terrarium

Chia seeds can be found in our Grow N’ Glow Terrarium, Sparkle N Grow Butterfly TerrariumMini Gardens (Mermaid, Dinosaur, Unicorn), and Grow N’ Glow Dinosaur HabitatAlthough chia seeds are a safe super food providing an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber, and omega 3 fatty acid, we do not recommend eating those provided in our kits. Regularly water these tiny chia seeds and sprouts will form within approximately a week 

Wheat Grass: 

Wheat grass can be found in our Grow N’ Glow TerrariumSparkle N’ Grow Butterfly Terrarium, and the Wee Enchanted Fairy GardenThis organic hard red spring wheat seed evenly grows thick blades of intense sweetness with a mild bitter aftertaste. Though it is safe to eat, we do not recommend eating the wheat grass seeds provided in our kits. For best results, keep planted wheat grass seeds moist and near a sunny window 

Basil, Pepper, Oregano, & Tomato: 

Plant a Pizza Garden

Our Plant a Pizza Garden is full of pizza inspired seeds: basil, pepper, oregano, and tomato. Fragrant and flavorful, the basil seeds grow large leaf basil that loves hot weather and sunshine and require rich soil. The pepper seeds produce sweet large glossy peppers and the included tomato seeds will grow sweet and firm heirloom cherry tomatoes. Oregano seeds are simple to grow indoors and produce a rich and robust perennial herb. Every seed in our Plant a Pizza Garden originates in the United States apart from the tomato seeds originating in Canada.   

GROW kits present great opportunity for STEAM education as well as learning responsibility, cause-and-effect, and delayed gratification as your child learns about taking care of other organisms. With every GROW craft including seeds added by our production team here in the United States, children can receive that safely experience that education Whether you purchase a kit from our site, Amazon, online retailers, or your local toy store, if it is created by Creativity for Kids you can trust the safety of our seedsUnsure if the kit you found is verifiably Creativity for Kids? Check out our 5 Tips for Safe Shopping for Kids to avoid counterfeit toys and crafts.  


*Due to the seasonal nature of our garden products, specific seed varieties may vary according to availability.

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