Easy & Fun Turkey Craft for Kids

Toilet Paper Tube Turkey Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids


Get your stretchy pants ready, it’s time for Thanksgiving! The holidays are upon us and you can’t help but feel extra festive with kids in the house. Decorate for Turkey Day with this adorable Toilet Paper Tube Turkey!

I stock up on the craft supplies this time of year as we can always use more decorations - AKA activities to keep those little hands occupied when we can’t play outside or when we are quarantined to the house due to sickness…

These turkeys are not only cute and a great snowy day activity, but they also help exercise those fine motor skills by cutting, painting and gluing. It’s also fun to think outside of the box and get creative with your painting utensils. We loved using forks for the feathers but cotton swabs, bubble wrap, and crumpled paper are also great ways to create crazy textures. I love to recycle and reuse disposable items as many times as I can! Hence the toilet paper tubes.

Three children

It’s also a great time to discuss the story of Thanksgiving and what it means to your family. We love to go around and tell each other what we’re thankful for.

How to Make a Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Tube Turkey 

Here’s what you’ll need:

Craft supplies: glue, toilet paper tube, paper plate, construction paper, and three Tempera paints

Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Tube Turkey Video:


Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Tube Turkey Instructions:

1. Cut the paper plate in half.

Scissors cutting plate

2. Paint feathers using fork & tempera paint. Let dry.

Paper plate and paints

3. Cut a diamond shape from orange construction paper.

Scissors cutting construction paper

4. Fold diamond in half and glue to toilet paper tube for a beak.

Toilet paper tube and glue

5. Glue wiggle eyes above the beak.

Gluing wiggle eyes on toilet paper tube

6. Glue toilet paper tube to plate.

Paper plate and toilet paper tube glued together


Thanksgiving Toilet Paper Tube Turkey

I know you’re sitting there thinking how you can add more turkeys to your décor. These Pinecone Turkeys are the solution to that problem. And why stop there when you can also make these delicious Paper Plate Pumpkin Pies!

Wishing you and your family a warm, fun, and always creative Thanksgiving holiday!

Artist Biography - Tara Custer


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