Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter crafts that go beyond dyeing eggs!

If you haven’t caught on already, creativity is kind of our thing to say the least. That is why we are here to bring you a list of creative Easter inspired crafts for kids that go beyond simply dipping and dyeing hardboiled eggs. Each craft will have your child excited and ready for Easter all while developing formative skills; it’s a win-win. Happy Easter!

Jeweled Easter eggs

Jeweled Easter Egg Craft for Kids:

Add a little sparkle to your spring with a jeweled egg craft. While celebrating Easter with sparkles and jewels, children will develop their fine motor skills through clay forming, painting, and embellishing. All you need to get started is air-dry clay, foil, tempera paint, paint brushes, and most important, jewels, gems, and beads. Check out the entire tutorial, here.

Three crayon eggs

Easter Egg Craft for Kids - Crayon Resist:

This Easter craft incorporates the art technique referred to as, resist. Resist is when you apply one waxy or oily art material and then go over it with a water-based material that is not waxy or oily. The materials will not mix; they will resist! Creating resist with an Easter egg craft is an easy way for children to start experimenting with mixed media art. Find the materials you need and the full tutorial, here.

Colored Easter Eggs

Decorating Eggs with Faber-Castell Colored Pencils:

Egg dyeing is a classic Easter egg activity but creatively limiting. Get detailed with your decorating by using Faber-Castell colored pencils. Faber-Castell colored pencils are made with a non-wax emollient formula that can work on eggshells. It is so easy to get the color and details you have always wanted and still have smooth, non-toxic, edible eggs to eat when the hunt is over. This is the perfect Easter craft for all ages. Enjoy!

Easter Bunny bum bunts

Fluffy Easter Bunny Bum Bunting:

Prepare your home for a visit from the Easter Bunny with this adorable fluffy bunny bum Easter craft. Take a break from decorating Easter eggs with this easy craft. Download your bunny and get started on bunts now!

Paint splatter Easter eggs

Paint Splatter Easter Eggs:

Take your Easter egg coloring to a whole new level with paint splatter Easter eggs. Easy and mess free, this creative craft will have your children going nuts makin’ and shakin’ their paper eggs while developing valuable motor skills and learning color theory. Grab your jellybeans and get shaking.

Rock painted as bunny in grass

Home for a Bunny – Rock Painting for Kids:

 “Home for a Bunny” by Margaret Wise Brown is a playful tale about a sweet, lovable little bunny on his journey to find himself a home one beautiful spring day. Story time meets craft time with this rock painting tutorial. Children will develop drawing and painting skills to transform a rock into a rabbit. Get outside, gather your rocks, and get started here.

 Egg carton flowers

Recycled Egg Carton Flowers:

Fun to create and helpful to the environment, recycled egg carton flowers make great use of left-over cartons from Easter egg decorating. This craft will help little fingers learn to cut and paint on an uneven surface, blend colors, and glue! Recycle your egg carton and we will show you how to do the rest.

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