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Bullet Journaling Series Part 3: Creating Collections

Bullet Journaling® Series Part 3: Creating Collections

When learning how to Bullet Journal®, an overload of different information and ideas will be thrown your way. Though inspired you may feel overwhelmed. Do not get discouraged, we at Faber-Castell are here to break it down for you. In this article, we are mastering how to create and manage your Bullet Journal Collections. Bullet Journaling is personal, so feel free to get as creative as your inspiration takes you while still following the framework of Bullet Journal inventor Ryder Carroll.
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Bullet Journaling Title

Bullet Journaling® Series Part 2: Getting Started with your Bullet Journal®

Bullet Journaling ® is more than it appears to be at first glance. Behind all the visually appealing journal pages that we see on social media, The Bullet Journal Method ® is a very sophisticated methodology for organizing everyday life. Before you get carried away in doodles and designs, it is important to learn and utilize the basic structure that Ryder Carroll, inventor, and author of “The Bullet Journal Method” advises Bullet Journal ® creatives.
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Hand lettering on bullet paper drawn with a Pitt Artist Pen

Bullet Journaling® Series Part 1: Intro to Bullet Journaling

The practice of expressing our thoughts and needs on paper has been around for millennia, but when a concept called Bullet Journaling® was introduced, journaling as we knew it shifted. Throughout the last few years, the popularity of Bullet Journaling has flourished into a lifestyle, having all of those on the outside of the trend curious. What even is Bullet Journaling? Why would I need a Bullet Journal®? The man behind the method is Ryder Carroll; digital product designer, New York Times best-selling author, and inventor of The Bullet Journal Method.
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