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Pastel Art 101: Comparing Pastel Materials

Pastel Art 101: Comparing Pencil, Soft, and Oil Pastels

Pastels are an artistic media unlike any other bringing artists access to vibrant pigments right at their fingertips in the form of sticks or pencils. Pastel artwork can be intimidating when first approached but learning what kind of pastel is right for your artwork is the first step in achieving your artistic goals and mastering the medium. Faber-Castell offers pastels in soft, oil, hard, and pencil form.
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Oil pastels and soft pastels

Oil Pastels vs Soft Pastels

Pastels are a unique medium. Pigment packed, pastels deliver vibrant colors to a blank art paper or canvas. They are widely loved because they are an independent art medium. Feeling inspired? All you need is your creativity, your pastels, and a surface to create on. (Although we do know some great oil pastel and soft pastel techniques.) While all pastels are used for drawing and painting artwork full of vivid pigment, they have qualities that make them very different from each other. Learn the difference between oil and soft pastels and what makes each one unique.
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Soft pastel beach landscape

Soft Pastel Beach Landscape Tutorial

Soft pastels are a unique medium, unlike any other. Their incredible color, texture, and ease of use offer an opportunity to expand your artistic abilities like you never thought possible. In this lesson plan, we explore a landscape in soft pastel, and the basic steps to creating your own pastel painting.
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Coneflower Soft Pastel landscape

Coneflower Landscape Soft Pastel Tutorial

Soft pastels are a unique medium unlike any other. Their incredible color, texture and ease of use offer an opportunity to expand your artistic abilities like you never thought possible. In this lesson plan, we learn the steps for creating a floral landscape in soft pastel.
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Draw & Color Chalk Sunflower

Colorful Sunflower Craft for Kids with Glue and Chalk

These lovely sunflowers are created using white school glue, soft chalk pastels and black paper.
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Soft Pastel Image

How to Draw with Soft Pastels - Art Tutorial

Soft pastel techniques and tips. Learn how to draw and create with soft pastels. This tutorial includes techniques such as blending, layering and hatching. Learn helpful tips on using soft pastels. Faber-Castell Soft Pastels can be used with other mediums such as Pitt Artist Pens and Goldfaber Colored Pencils.
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Soft Pastels. Learn how to draw with Soft Pastels!

Soft Pastels for Beginners

Soft pastels are favored by artists looking for a media that is easily blendable, and the quality of our Soft Pastels is unmatchable. With a multi-angled shape and multipurpose powdery components, creating with pastels gives artists a unique and versatile approach to their artwork. Capture your various artistic visions in rich detail with Faber-Castell Creative Studio’s Soft Pastels. 
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