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How to Make a Dreamcatcher

How to Make a Dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher DIY for kids! This is a longer project as you’ll need time to let glue and paint dry. It’s great practice for gluing, painting, measuring, cutting, threading, beading, and tying. Also, a great activity to help pass the time on those cold and rainy days.
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Oil Pastels. Learn how to draw with Oil Pastels!

Oil Pastels for Beginners

Learn how to draw with Oil Pastels! Oil pastels are a crayon-like art medium with unique qualities that set them apart from other tools. With their vibrant bright colors, versatile components, and creamy consistency, oil pastels inspire artists to push their creative boundaries and explore the different styles of art that they have to offer.
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Soft Pastels. Learn how to draw with Soft Pastels!

Soft Pastels for Beginners

Soft pastels are favored by artists looking for a media that is easily blendable, and the quality of our Soft Pastels is unmatchable. With a multi-angled shape and multipurpose powdery components, creating with pastels gives artists a unique and versatile approach to their artwork. Capture your various artistic visions in rich detail with Faber-Castell Creative Studio’s Soft Pastels. 
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Valentine's Day Card with Mixed Media

Valentine's Day Cards with Mixed Media Art

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with an art journal page tutorial that celebrates love. Today I am working with Gelatos Pastels, a Pitt Artist Pen, a rubber stamp, and Gold Gel Paint from assorted Gelatos kits along with a Castell 9000 pencil. I have made a complete materials list for you.
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Toilet Paper Tube Turkey Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Easy & Fun Turkey Craft for Kids

Get your stretchy pants ready, it’s time for Thanksgiving! The holidays are upon us and you can’t help but feel extra festive with kids in the house. Decorate for Turkey Day with this adorable Toilet Paper Tube Turkey!
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Gratitude Word Art

Gratitude: Thanksgiving Hand Lettering with Pitt Artist Pens

Hi everyone, Mou Saha here with a word art tutorial that celebrates this season of Gratitude. I am working with Pitt Artist Pens and some watercolors today. I have made a complete materials list for you.
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Wrapping Paper with Gift Tags and Pitt Artist Pens

Design Your Own Wrapping Paper with Gift Tags

Add a personal touch to your thoughtful gifts by following these tutorials for handmade wrapping paper and gift tags.
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Christmas hand lettering on tree

Hand Lettered Holiday Art

Hi everyone, Mou here with a hand lettered holiday art tutorial for you! Whether you are looking to make a quick home decor or just de-stress in your art journal, I hope you'll find today's tutorial using Pitt Artist Pens inspiring. Let's look at the supplies before I walk you through the steps.
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DIY Christmas Card, Car, and Christmas Tree

Noel! DIY Christmas Card with Watercolors

My little girl and I started playing a little holiday game of our own this year - whenever we are out and about, we count the cars driving home with Christmas trees on the roof. We have several Christmas tree farms around here which means people come from far and wide and even from New York City to get their trees. I decided to draw one such car and let me show you how I did it.
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Two Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gift Wrapping Tutorial

Today we are bringing you a gift-wrapping tutorial. This tutorial brings a whole new meaning to wrapped with love! Use kraft wrapping paper as your canvas to create unique holiday art for every gift. Here we show how to create a wreath using Pitt Artist Pens and Gelatos.
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Grateful for You Marble Art and Pitt Artist Pens

Thanksgiving Decor with Marble Art for Beginners

Thanksgiving decoration inspiration! Faber-Castell’s 20 Minute Studio Marbling Art for Beginners is the PERFECT thing for this Thanksgiving centerpiece.
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Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Craft for Kids

This Paper Plate Pumpkin Pie craft is the perfect activity and decoration for your Thanksgiving feast! Season’s Eatings… I mean Greetings! But seriously, what’s better than this time of year full of family, food, and food-themed crafts.
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Watercolor Halloween Candle Art with Candy Corn

Halloween Greeting with Watercolor Art

Create spooky Halloween watercolor art to use as a greeting card this season! All you need is Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor Pencils, Pitt Artist Pens, and an eye for some spooky art.
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Gelato Flower Stencil with Pitt Artist Pen

How to Use Gelatos with Stencils

Grab your Gelatos and learn how to easily create gorgeous notecards and designs with stencils and just four easy steps.
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Watercolor Gelatos, Pitt Artist Pens, and Hand Lettering

Watercolor Background Art with Gelatos

Today we'll be using Metallic Blueberry and Raspberry Gelatos, and black Pitt Artist Pens® in brush and medium sizes. We have some watercolor paper and a sandwich bag, and that's all you'll need to create a watercolor background!
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Grateful Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

Thanksgiving Craft: Grateful Turkey

This Thanksgiving craft uses watercolor markers and hand lettering as a fun way to show your gratefulness. Tis the season to be grateful…although it doesn’t hurt to be grateful year round!
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Christmas Craft Upcycled LED Tea Light Houses

Christmas Craft for Kids: Upcycled LED Tea Light House

This is a wonderful family Christmas craft where everyone can participate in creating an heirloom decoration that will be cherished for years to come. Just gather all your materials and everyone can make one house and when you put them all together you have a village! If you have a Xacto™ knife or another cutting tool you can make the full light-up version as shown above, or we also provide a no-light version that is quicker and easier and only requires scissors, no knife.
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Christmas Crafts for Kids - Fingerprint Ornaments

Christmas Crafts for Kids - Fingerprint Ornament

Christmas crafts for kids are the perfect way to get them in the holiday spirit! Add a little extra Christmas cheer to your gifts or Christmas decorations this holiday season with these cute fingerprint ornaments crafts.
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The Teal Pumpkin Project with Two Pumpkins

8 Creative and Fun Ideas to Support the Teal Pumpkin Project

While picking out pumpkins, buying treats, and setting up decorations, consider promoting allergy inclusion by turning teal this fall. The Teal Pumpkin Project promotes Halloween inclusion for trick-or-treaters with food allergies or other conditions.  Here we have eight ideas to make sure everyone can enjoy a fun and safe Halloween.
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Watercolor Fall Wreath and Pitt Artist Pens

Fall Watercolor Wreath with Pitt Artist Pens and Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils

I love that feeling when fall finally hits! There are so many ways you can create a fun wreath to add to any project you might be working on. 
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